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About Credivote

Credivote is a Real-time online voting Portal that makes
it easier for individual to vote or choose their preferred Contestant at a quick, smart and easy process.


Credivote makes organizing polls/votes seamless and less demanding. It is built to relief clients of the demands that come with setting up and organizing votes for any purpose. It delivers accurate results which clients can be proud of and captures data accurately which is the hallmark of any voting exercise.

Voting with Credivote is a very engaging process which translates to enjoyable and entertaining adventure by voters. This culminates into returns on investment for clients which in most cases exceeds the target returns.



Voting with Credivote is a very fast and efficient process which takes less than 30 seconds to complete..

Large Audience

Our reach is borderless as persons can vote from any part of the world as our platform accepts payments in various currencies such as US dollar, Naira, etc

Real-time Vote Update

Votes in every poll are updated real-time in split seconds. This is to ensure transparency and accountability for every vote cast.

Vote Tracking and verification

With Credivote, Voters can track their vote to ascertain its status.

Easy to navigate Interface

Credivote is designed with an amazing user interface which is easy to navigate and as such users can vote with Credivote without third party assistance.

Security and Privacy

Credivote is built bearing in mind the need to secure users/voters sensitive data. This is done with no room for compromise or privacy breach of any data in our database.

Vote Payment Option

Naira Vote (Paystack)

This option is powered by Paystack. This is used by voters who wish to pay for vote in naira using the various options provided by Paystack.

US dollar Vote (Paystack)

This option is also powered by Paystack. This used by voters who wish to vote with the US dollar with either Visa Card, Mastercard or American Express.


We also receive vote payment through Flutterwave using any of the option provided by Flutterwave such bank transfer, Paypal, USSD Code, etc.

Creditimes Voucher

Creditimes voucher is a type of voucher powered by Credivote. They are series of numbers that carry specific monetary worth of vote. Voucher can be paid for both in naira and US dollar.


Like the Aimtoget Option, VPin require the user of Nigeria Telecommunication Recharge Card Pin to vote. It is also strictly for only Nigeria voters currently.


Crediwallet payment option requires voters creating an e-wallet with us. This e-wallet can be funded with both Local (NGN) and International (USD) currency.

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